Fotografije: Natali Bosić

Workshop “Water” is the accompanying educational program of theater play “Water”, which played in the National Theater Ivana pl. Zajc, and is part of Benčić Youth Council project’s Pop-Up activity.
The development of the city of Rijeka was dependent on the sea and the river Rječina. Regardless of the name that it had, Eneo, Oenous, Tarsus, Flumen, Pflamm, River, Reka, Rečina or Ričina, Rječina was and still is the main source of drinking water for the entire city. Additionally, its old canyon, today the Dead Channel, was the first port of Rijeka. In addition, its flow provided natural energy for the propulsion of many mills on its shores, that supplied citizens with flour, pasta, fabric and other products. Although many ignore Rječina and characterize Rijeka only as a seaside town, the inhabitants of Rijeka are well aware of its importance. Among other things is the natural border between the east and west part of the city. Apart from drinking water and fertile soil, Rijeka has provided shelter to many ships and passengers with its geographical position and safe arch.
From mentioned above, we can see that water, sea and river, had a central place in the development of our city. Through the two-day workshop, the children had the opportunity to take part in activities that familiarized them with the historical and symbolic significance and importance of water for the development and identity of the city of Rijeka.
The first day of the workshop was devoted to getting acquainted with the different meanings that water has for our city. In this segment we collaborated with Rijeka City Library – the Stribor Department, the Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral and the Natural History Museum of Rijeka. Surrounded by a variety of objects that show us different aspects of water, it was easier for us to learn about the connection and the dependence between Rijeka and its surrounding waters.
On the second day of the workshop, we went on a tour of KD VODOVOD I KANALIZACIJA d.o.o. Rijeka – water source Zvir. Vlatko Kajapi, a longtime employee of the mentioned company, led us through the control center and the dome of the spring. After that, we went on an adventure walk through the canyon of Rječina all the way to the mills Matković and Matešić, who in the past supplied the whole of Rijeka with flour.
We enjoyed the cooperation with the National Theatre Ivana pl. Zajc, and the children the play “Water” that they had a chance to watch after the workshop.

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AGE: 9 – 13 years old