The ninth meeting of the Benčić Youth Council, Storied Past, gathered 14 participants to explore a collection of many different elements that tell the story of Rijeka from history to the present.

The workshop lead the group from the early myths and legends of Istria and Kvarner to the Villa Ružić, the former home of one of the most famous Croatian writers Ivana Brlić Mažuranić. In addition to her family ties with famous figures of Croatian history from the Mažuranić and Ružić family, she recorded many of the traditional legends of the Kvarner area. Theodor de Canziani, the curator of the collection and monumental library Mažuranić-Brlić-Ružić, who is also part of the family and lives in this house, met with the Council to tell the dynamic and detailed story of the home and the works of Ivana Brlić Mažuranić.

Later that day, the council occupied the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art for a sleepover night and dived into the exhibition “City in a second glance.” The next morning we set out for a walk around the city to investigate some of the newer legends and stories. At the street art action on Križanić Street, the Council continued the tradition of tracking the work of artists who they have formerly collaborated with. Many of the local artists whose work they learned about and worked with during the street art at Club Palach had work on these walls, and the Council is learning to recognize and make connections between the artists and their work. The workshop wrapped up by learning the process of making wooden toys from curly willow wood.

Locations: Villa Ružić | MMSU | Križanićeva street | Art Bazzar
Number of participants: 14

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