Photos: Tanja Kanazir

At this year’s 17th Liburnia Film Festival the documentary film Gurati naprijed (Pushing Forward) by director Mirko Žorž premiered. Since we are dealing with the topic of activism this year, we decided to partner with the director of the documentary to find out why he decided to make a documentary about wheelchair basketball and to advocate this specific topic and activity.

In order to make the workshop complete, we also decided to cooperate with Lukrecija Tomušić, a member of the Wheelchair Basketball Club Kostrena and Siniša Kuharić, a coach of the WBC Kostrena.

On the first day of the workshop, we watched the documentary Gurati naprijed and talked to Mirko about his motivation and experience in making the documentary. Then we talked with Lukrecija Tomučić about what it is like to be a disabled person and play sports. She also prepared a presentation about wheelchair basketball history and the rules of this specific sport.

In order not to leave it only on theory, on Saturday we went to a wheelchair basketball training. At the Kostrena Sports Hall we were greeted by Siniša Kuharić, a basketball player, athlete and coach, who is also a volunteer coach at the WBC Kostrena. We trained in sport wheelchairs, doing beginner warm-up and strength exercises. Already, these exercises have given us difficulty, we can only imagine how difficult it is with some kind of physical disability. Through games like tag, slalom and relay, we learned how to move in a wheelchair and the rules of contact and turn.

Thanks to the WBC Kostrena for their hospitality!

Number of participants

LOCATION: Križanićeva 6a, Rijeka; Sports Hall Kostrena

COLLABORATORS: Mirko Žorž, Lukrecija Tomušić, Siniša Kuharić, Wheelchair Basketball Club Kostrena