Photos: Natali Bosić

The City Puppet Theater Rijeka hosted the workshop “Kazališni lu(t)kavac” that was held on 3rd and 14th November 2018. The aim of the workshop was to get acquainted with the process of creating a puppet show in order to participate in the Lutkolab project and be a part of the jury selecting a show that will go into production in 2019.
The workshop was divided into two parts, the first part was devoted to getting to know the work in the theater and the second to judge theatre performances.
We got to know the process of making a puppet theater performance based on the theatre play “Frozen Songs” performed by GKL Rijeka. First, we watched the play, and then we joined the actress Petra Šarac with whom we talked about the scene, the scenography, the preparation of actors for the role and the movement of the scene. For that we also had to go to the scene and try out some acting exercises. The actor/actress must have in mind his/her colleagues, text, puppets, music and light, and it is all important for the show to be successful. After that, our hosts were Luči Vidanović and Andreja Jandrečić in the workshop with whom we created puppets that we imagined during our previous exercises.
All this was very important for us to be able to judge justly the proposals of the plays that came to the Lutkolab public call. The City Puppet Theater Rijeka invited young artists – puppeteers up to 30 years of age (directors, dramatists, actors, artists, etc.) to suggest puppet theater productions for theatrical season 2018/2019. The competition is part of the “Lutkolab” project initiated by GKL Rijeka within the program of the Brick House flagship of the European Capital of Culture Rijeka2020.
When we came to GKL Rijeka for the second part, we were received by three young authors who were accepted to the shortlist of contestants (BLU, director Mateja Kokol, GDE SI OTIŠAO, director Tea Puharić, VODA, director Vanja Jovanović). They showed us their presentations and we withdrew with the other members of the jury to give our vote to one of them.
Finally, we are happy to congratulate Vanja Jovanović on winning and that we are looking forward to seeing the show!

This was a special experience for us and we are proud that our voice was heard and appreciated!

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LOCATION: City Puppet Theater Rijeka

COLLABORATORSCity Puppet Theater Rijeka