Photos: Renato Buić

Workshop organizer: Association Prostor Plus


Although not a calendar, but a new program year begins for VMB with a new theme and associates. Throughout the next year we will address activism, that is, what are all the ways we can advocate for important things in the community and encourage others to act.
We started the year through a collaboration with the Prostor Plus Association. Through a series of workshops, we will design a real festival of the performing arts – circuses and contemporary dance!
In order to get everything right – from design, show selection, marketing, we had to become more familiar with the main topic. Marko Ilić, Nives Soldičić and Ivana Kalc were our mentors, with whom we practically tried out different circus skills and contemporary dance.
We explored together how difficult it is to perform different dance figures, what involves choreography preparation, what the circus skills are, and what props and preparation they require.
With Ivan Kalc we were engaged in contemporary dance. Ivana showed us what contemporary dance can be and how choreography can be created. Improvisation, practice, or stacking elements, without or with a story, is all contemporary dance that conveys some information to the viewer.
We got to know the circus through two workshops, with Nives Soldičić we learned aerial skills – silk and hoop dancing, while with Marko Ilić we tried juggling, stilts, poi, diablo and Chinese plates. How much exercise it takes for these skills, we realized after only a few hours of practice that we had just mastered the basics.

Number of participants

LOCATION: Filodrammatica, Rijeka

COLLABORATORS: Nives Soldičić, Marko Ilić, Ivana Kalc

Radionica se provodi u partnerstvu s Udrugom Prostor Plus u sklopu projekta “Žiroskop – civilno-javno partnerstvo u upravljanju prostorima kulture u Rijeci” 
Projekt je sufinancirala Europska unija iz Europskog socijalnog fonda.
Organizacija aktivnosti je sufinancirana u okviru Operativnog programa Učinkoviti ljudski potencijali iz Europskog socijalnog fonda.
Sadržaj komunikacije isključiva je odgovornost Udruge Prostor Plus.

Udruga Prostor Plus korisnica je institucionalne podrške Zaklade Kultura nova.