Educator Milica Đilas of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art joined us and children presented their proposals of exhibition setup and our materials. In cooperation with her we defined the exhibition layout as well as the public: a targeted group of visitors we wanted to reach. With the visitors in mind, the children created three interactive corners of the exhibition:

1. Occupy Benčić
• the movie • diaries • artwork • photographs • costumes • children’s movies

2. „By Railway …“
• travel diaries • notes • promotional video of the project • flyer • model trains • idea – handprints on the wall • photographs

3. „Galeb“
• movie • scenarios • photographs

4. „Leave Your Trace“
poster • photographs

5. „Behind the Scenes“
• the scenes • theater mock-up  • photographs

With this workshop and exhibition we celebrated our first six months of activities of the Youth Council Benčić. Prior to the workshops, we prepared a poster and flyer for the exhibition, which the children suggested proposals of during the workshop in December. Then they prepared a proposal for the exhibition and a list of materials they created during all the workshops.

The Scene
| painting |

Wall of Impressions
| leave your mark |

Desk with the Typewriter
| leave a review |

In order to relay our experiences better to the visitors, the children decided to write their impressions of the workshops during a short writing workshop with Milica. They wrote for each workshop what they thought was special, the best or the worst, and we printed those impressions as labels. Together we put them on the walls accompanying photographs for the exhibition.

The exhibition was set up so that on the entrance there was a promotional video of the project. Then the visitor was led into a larger space in which they were presented with two workshops – Leave Your Trace and Behind the Scenes. The windowpanes were decorated with some of the children’s costumes from the film Preuzmimo Benčić. The next room was dedicated to the Summer School By Railway…. The works were set in such a way that the room resembled a waiting room for the train. In the last room we presented the workshop Galeb with the film, photographs, and scenarios that kids wrote for the film.

The opening was planned so that visitors can experience and understand the flow and inspiration project. First, we organized a screening of the film Preuzmimo Benčić by Canadian artist Althea Thauberger. The children presented to the visitors BYC project from concept to workshops (having earlier decided what they wanted to say to the audience, divided the roles and wrote their speeches) and gave letters of thanks to all our collaborators. Following the presentations, a reception followed with refreshments and music. The exhibition meant that council experienced what it’s like to be the creator of cultural content, and how much effort and knowledge is required and invested in setting up an exhibition.

Workshop and Exhibition for the first six month anniversary of Benčić Youth Council
Colaborator: Milica Đilas
Assistant:  Renata Fugošić

Workshop, 10. i 11. January, 2015 | Exhibition , 12. January, 2015

  • Leon Hasančević
  • Ema Juriša
  • Morena Vuletić
  • Darijan Komljen
  • Luka Komljen
  • Dora Katalinić
  • Damian Germovšek
  • Lovro Kegalj
  • Mia Bukša
  • Lorena Kalić
  • Lara Radović
  • Nina Radović
  • Antea Miše

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