Workshop “Be Creative – Be Yourself”, a part of the project Benčić Youth Council, was held on September 16th 2017. This is already the fifth workshop we organized in cooperation with Association Prostor Plus and national contemporary dance network KLIKER.
This time the workshop leader was the contemporary dancer Ilijana Lončar, who through contemporary dance tried to encourage the individual creativity of the participants. The basis of the workshop was interactivity through which participants learned different dance techniques, learned how to stimulate the desire and ability to express themselves through movement, stimulate imagination and creativity in expressing emotions, moods and ideas, how to use other forms of art as a motif in combination with dance and movement, and how to create and realize a short choreography while respecting the proposals of others.
Special emphasis of the workshop was also on paying attention to others – listening, watching and respecting each other was the basis of our improvisation.
Ilijana Lončar was born in 1973 in Osijek. She is a solo artist and since 1997 a member of the Croatian Freelance Artists Association as a professional contemporary dancer. She also studied at the Alvin Ailey Dance School – New York (USA), Vlaamse Dance Academy-Brugge (Belgium), Arena Dance Theater – Amsterdam (Netherlands), the aerobic convention in Essen (Germany), and a number of Croatian dance seminars. In 2000, she founded the Dance Workshop Ilijana Lončar in Požega, which brings together more than one hundred and fifty dancers preschool, school and secondary school age.

Number of participants: 15 children / 7 parents
Location: Filodrammatica, Rijeka

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