Exhibition opening, photos by Tanja Kanazir

With this workshop and exhibition we are marking the fifth year of the BYC program. Before the workshop itself we prepared the exhibition poster that was designed by Anja Sušanj. Besides using it as a poster and leaflet, you can decorate it yourself with embroidery.

The two-day workshop before the exhibition was held in Križanićeva 6a and Gallery Kortil. We have decided to present our work in Gallery Kortil as an exhibition of objects made during various workshops, documentation photo and video materials and practical workshops. Because of our annual topic – arts and crafts – we have decided to invite artBazaar as collaborators. They organized a special Pop-up artBazaar edition for this occasion.

Workshops, photos by Tanja Kanazir

Like the last year, the Exhibition was a one day event.

Traditionally, children/our participants have chosen the best artist and educator among our collaborators. Award for the best artist went to Tanja Blašković and for the best educator to Petra Šarac.

The goal of this years’ exhibition was, besides presenting the BYC work, was also to give opportunity to children to experience the position of cultural creator and organizer and what this role entails.

This year, for the first time, we offered workshops for adults and children:

  1. Workshop “Punch Needle Tapestry” – leader Tanja Kanazir
  2. Workshop “Embroidery” – leader Nevena Živić
  3. Workshop “DIY Friendship Bracelet” – leader Ema Juriša
Workshop and exhibition for the fifth work anniversary of Benčić Youth Council 
Galerija Kortil
Workshop, 26th and 27th April 2019 | Exhibition, 27th April 2019

  • Una Grozdanov
  • Lovro Kegalj
  • Dunja Savarin
  • Ema Juriša
  • Anika Juriša
  • Petra Garaj
  • Srna Ilić
  • Korina Bekaj
  • Mateo Kalčić
  • Megan Džafić
  • Safirija Rittossa
  • Lucijan Sobol

  • artBazaar
    • Tanja Kanazir
    • Lukrecija Tomušić
  • Workshop leaders:
    • Tanja Blašković
    • Nevena Živić
    • Ema Juriša
  • Matijas Kozić – DJ Sun Matt

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