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We invite performing artists (contemporary dance and movement, new circus, theatre and interdisciplinary arts) that create artistic programs for children to apply to open call of associations Prostor Plus and Vijeće mladih Benčić and become a part of the program of the children’s festival Plesni zbirkus that will take place in Rijeka, from April 26th until May 10th.

You can apply with the following:

  1. Contemporary dance and movement, new circus, theater or interdisciplinary performance
    for kids
  2. Contemporary dance and movement, new circus, theater or interdisciplinary workshop for
  3. Combination of both performance and workshop

We are interested in fun and educational performances and workshops that talk about children, friendship, solidarity, diversity, ecology, environment protection, and similar subjects. It is paramount that workshops, performances, and required materials, do not to contain any form of violence or discrimination. We will especially value:

  • Interdisciplinary performances (theater, puppetry, music, contemporary dance and movement, new circus etc.)
  • Performances that combine different skills
  • Interactive performances that include the audience
  • Performances suitable for children and adults
  • We especially invite artists to apply with performances suitable for open air and/or school.

Please apply with your performance or workshop on e-mail with subject: Application to Plesni zbirkus Open Call.

Please include following information in your application:

  • Contact email and telephone number
  • Short biography of the artist or performing group
  • Technical requirements and list of props
  • Video of the whole show (vimeo or youtube)
  • Photos in high resolution (300 dpi)
  • Information about the expected fee (bruto)
  • Information about the travel costs, number of persons and their function
  • Information about the age suitable for performance/workshop
  • Information about maximum number of participants for the workshop or performance if the performance is interactive

Plesni zbirkus provides:

  • The venue, technical necessities and technical personnel (sound and lights) for the dress
    rehearsal (final rehearsal) and performance
  • Fee, accommodation, travel costs and food

We will notify you about the results of your application via e-mail by March 20th , latest.

Plesni zbirkus is a pilot-programme of theater, contemporary dance and new circus for children, which aims to bring local and international performances of contemporary dance, new circus and theater for children, drama workshops, contemporary dance and movement, and new circus skills workshops for children and youth to the city of Rijeka. Plesni zbirkus is an inclusive programme for children: they are included in the organisation of the cultural event, co-creating and directly participating in the design of the programme, where they, with the help and expert guidance of trainers and educators, select performances and workshops themselves. They also get to know (and participate in) the decision making process and other important elements of the organization of the cultural event.

Plesni zbirkus is a result of an educational series called Festivalska smišljaonica (Festival Design Lab), realized as a part of the project named Žiroskop – civilno-javno partnerstvo u upravljanju prostorima kulture u Rijeci. The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund. The project activities are co-financed in the frame of the Operational Programme Efficient Human Resources from the European Social Fund.
Project with the total value of 2.416.102,66 HRK is financed by the European Union with 2.053.687,26 HRK under the Operational Programme Efficient Human Resources from the European Social Fund and co-financed by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia in the amount of 362.415,40 HRK. The content of this communication is sole responsibility of Prostor Plus Association.